For Booksellers & Libraries

Cynren books are available direct from Cynren, are distributed to the trade by Thomson-Shore/Seattle Book Company, and are also available from Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

Booksellers and libraries can order directly from Cynren Press (via paper form or Web form). We offer a 45% discount to bookstores and a 20% discount to libraries that order directly from Cynren. Completed paper forms can be faxed to (484) 875-9273 or emailed to 

Alternatively, order from Thomson-Shore/Seattle Book Company at

     Phone: (734) 426-3939 or by visiting

Books are available at wholesale pricing and are returnable for six months, except orders of 50 or more copies for a single title are non-returnable. Returned books will be credited based on the applicable discount for the non-returned books.

for media

Review copies

To request a review copy or ARC, please call (484) 875-3113 or email your request to Please include the title of the book and your name, address, phone number, and the publication for which you are a reviewer.

press kits/TIP SHEETS

Press kits and/or tip sheets for individual titles are available HERE.


Please email or call (484) 875-3113 for questions, interviews, or additional information on any of our titles.


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