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by Natasha M. Freeman

The Q document—source of the Synoptic Gospels—has long been a mystery. A rumor. A myth. Its pages could threaten the meaning of life and shake the foundations of the world’s major religions—but its existence had never been proved. Until now.

In ancient Cappadocia, legends and parables speak of a divine stream, bubbling up from within the earth. Mateo, as guardian of the stream, hears its call and deciphers its secrets.

In the present day, Farah, hoping to lighten her dark thoughts, journeys to a Pacific island, only to find herself drawn to a mysterious book. Will it hold the answers she seeks or plunge her into a battle for her life and soul?

To Rose, anyone who is not a devout Christian is suspicious, dangerous, and bound for hell. Her son Roger, a theological archeologist, is creeping dangerously close to that fate. Roger has uncovered a buried scroll in modern-day Turkey—a scroll that suggests the document at the root of Judeo-Christian belief was grossly misunderstood, that the politically influenced faith systems that canonized the gospels got it wrong.

The Q document could tear humanity apart. Should it be shared with all mankind to return human spiritual awareness to its purest form? Or should it be destroyed?

Meticulously researched and based on historical truth, Abwûn speaks eloquently to the power of religion to uplift but also to harm, as it leads us through an electrifying unfolding capable of changing the way we view the world, religion—and ourselves.

ISBN 978-1-947976-11-5 5x8 paperback, 358 pp.

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