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Cynren congratulates

Melissa Knox

for her

2019 Pushcart Prize nomination

for her story “A Whale of a Gift,” originally published by the Concho River Review.

“A Whale of a Gift” also appears in shortened form as a chapter in Melissa’s forthcoming book from Cynren Press, Divorcing Mom. Read an except here!

High praise for Melissa Knox’s forthcoming memoir Divorcing Mom, on presale now!

Divorcing Mom is a story of horrifying and at times hilarious family dysfunction, compounded by the browbeating Freudian analyst whom Knox’s mother hired to “help” her. The pages seem to turn by themselves in this engrossing and courageous memoir, and we are left marveling at Knox’s strength of character and artistic gifts in tracing her family’s psychic trajectory from one generation to the next. Knox writes with the voice and vision that she was taught to discredit and ignore from an early age, and her book is a remarkable achievement, exploring family secrets and addressing disturbing issues of power differentials—between parent and child, doctor and patient, and men and women. Her intelligence, insight, and refreshing sense of humor are cause for celebration.

HELEN FREMONT, author of After Long Silence

Readers would be hard-pressed to find a mother–daughter narrative as unique and compelling as Melissa Knox’s Divorcing Mom. With imaginative and intelligent prose, Knox probes her life as the daughter of a deeply narcissistic mother and her years with a Freudian therapist gone badly wrong. One asks the question, can anyone survive such damage? Knox does, and her memoir shows us how.

MARCIA BUTLER, author of Skin Above My Knee

Russell au photo.JPG

Sheldon Russell

We’re delighted to introduce Sheldon Russell, author of a forthcoming historical fiction title, A Forgotten Evil.